About us

Clean Kokos is a Laundrette, not a Dry Cleaner

We believe it's time to retire the idea that everyone needs to own a washing machine or a tumble dryer. Just like how everyone doesn’t need to own their own car. Fortunately, the sharing economy and eco-consciousness are becoming ever more popular, and we like that. Clean Kokos is not a laundrette that offers services, but it’s a good alternative to washing and drying your clothes at home.


The company behind the laundrette concept is Spabogruppen. The group is organised through Spabo Eiendom and Spabo Næring. Spabo Næring leases office and commercial space, primarily in Oslo. Spabo Eiendom is active within the development and rental of residential property. They are owned by the Spandow family.


Spabo is a family owned property company. We offer both furnished and unfurnished flats for short and long-term rent. We specialise in leasing shops and food service premises in the area from Tøyen to Grünerløkka and Bislet to Frogner. Visit our website to read more about us.