Getting started

How do I operate the machines in the laundrette?

1. Download Appwash by Miele

appWash can be used on all iOS- and Android- smartphones. If you don't have a smartphone that supports the app you can start the machines from

Download Appwash - IOS

Download Appwash- Android

2. Create an account

Create your personal account by following the instructions given in the app. You need a ligitimate e-mail addresse, a password and a verification code. You will get the verification code after you register your phone number.

3. Enter a 5-digit number

When you are asked to enter a five-digit number on a washing machine use: 30820.

4. Fill up your acount

Before entering your credit card details you have to press the "Top up" button. You can at all times fill up your account with more money under the "prepaid" settings. Here you can also close your account and get the remaining amount refunded.

5. Unlock, choose program and press start

The app will unlock your machine up to 15 minutes before use. Start the washing machine or tumble dryer as normal. You don’t need to add detergent or fabric softener. Swipe on the display panel to see all your program choices. Select the desired program and press start.

Starting a machine is easy

  • Select an available machine in the app.

  • Go to the machine, open door and put your clothes in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

  • Swipe to see more program choices on the display panel. Select the program you want and press the start button.

Note that the app counts the time spent and not the time that's left. It will notify you when your wash is finished and ready to pick up.

Getting to know the washer and dryer settings

We have made an overview of which Washer or Dryer setting to use depending on the type of fabric and color. Tap the screen on the Display Panel, and swipe to bring up all the different programmes you can choose from.

Will you be using multiple machines at the same time?

You will need to repeat the booking procedure for each machine you want to use.

What should you do if you can’t register?

The most common errors happen when entering your phone number, during SMS verification and when you enter your email address. Try again. If it still doesn’t work, contact support on

Having problems starting a machine?


What about hygiene?

We regularly run a boil wash programme on the machines to kill all bacteria. Washing and drying clothes at Clean Kokos should be as clean and safe as doing it at home. 


Washing machines and tumble dryers are all equipped with a display panel. Tap the screen, and swipe to bring up all the different programmes you can choose from.

The amount of time your laundry takes to complete depends on how much clothes you have put in the machine. The less clothes, the less time it takes before your laundry is done, because the machines are sensor controlled. Note that the app counts time spent, not the time that is left. The app notifies you when it’s done.


Miele’s industrial machines can take up to 8 kg, which is 1-2 kg more than ordinary washing machines. This means that you can wash both your duvet and bedspread here.


Our tumble dryers also take 8 kg and are sensor-controlled. This means that if there is little in the tumble dryer, it takes less time to tumble dry than if you are drying lots of clothes at the same time.

Can I claim compensation if my clothes are ruined in the wash?

No, Clean Kokos is not liable for clothes that are ruined in our machines or on our premises. Our liability for damages is under any circumstances limited to the price of starting the washing machine or tumble dryer.

We recommend you follow the washing instructions for each item of clothing you put in the machine to avoid discolouration and shrinking. Are you unsure what the symbols in washing instructions mean? You can find help here.

What happens if someone steals my clothes from the laundrette?

There are no staff on the premises, so you are personally responsible for watching your clothes when you use the laundrette.

We are not liable for any clothes that are stolen or forgotten. Our liability for damages is under any circumstances limited to the price of starting the washing machine or tumble dryer.