Wash duvets

How to wash a duvet?

At Clean Kokos, we have machines that can wash and dry up to eight kilos. Therefore, you can wash or dry a single duvet, or one to two pillows with us. Unfortunately, the machines are too small for double duvets. In this guide, you can read more about how you can wash and dry your duvet with us. Remember to check the washing label carefully before you wash or dry the duvet in the machine. You wash your clothes at your own risk in our machines, and it is up to you to check how exactly your duvet should be washed or dried.

Wash of duvet
Choose the right washing and drying program
Why wash your duvet? 

Every night we excrete 3 to 5 dl of moisture. This settles in your pillow, duvet, and mattress and is eaten by mites and mold. The mites then defecate in your bedding, and the mite feces can trigger allergic reactions in those with allergies. To avoid mites, it is recommended that you wash your duvet twice a year. Your pillow should be washed even more frequently, preferably two to four times a year.

Wash duvet
How to wash your duvet?

We recommend washing duvets and pillows at 60 degrees, as this kills the mites and the duvet becomes properly clean. At Clean Kokos, we have separate washing programs for down duvets and synthetic duvets. It may be a good idea to remove the air in the duvet or pillow before washing. You can do this by placing the textiles in a tight laundry bag or tying a washable band around the duvet. Preferably wash with a detergent without enzymes, and avoid using fabric softener. Dry your duvet in the tumble dryer after washing and spinning.



Dry duvet
How to dry you duvet?

Clean Kokos has separate drying programs for down duvets and synthetic duvets. Feel free to bring 2 to 4 drying balls that you put in the drum to better distribute the filling when you dry. The programs for duvets dry the textiles only "Cupboard dry". So the duvet is not dried until it is completely dry. This means that duvets and pillows must be aired after drying in the tumble dryer. We recommend that they are air-dried overnight before being used again. If you want to dry the duvet further in the tumble dryer, you can dry it again on the "Timed drying hot" program.



Remeber to remove stains and dirty parts before washing your duvet.
Remeber to remove stains and dirty parts before machine washing

If you have stains or dirty parts on your duvet, you should pre-treat these before washing your duvet in the machine. We recommend treating dirty parts with a cloth and stain remover.

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