Getting to know your Washer and Dryer Settings

Swipe for more programmes on the display panel.

All washers and dryers at Clean Kokos have more settings than those you see on the display panel. Tap the screen and swipe to get more programmes to choose from. Watch this video for more information on "how to". Below you will also find an overview of which programme is suitable for the fabrics you want to wash or dry in our laundrette. 

Washing programmes:


Suitable for one duvet, pillows, or a jacket. Tip: Follow the manufacturer's washing instructions regarding number of degrees. Remove the air before washing. Put the fabrics in a tight washing bag or tie a ribbon around the duvet that will withstand washing and doesn’t stain.

Cotton (7 kg)

Standard washing programme for textiles made of cotton or linen. Normally soiled garments. These settings are the most efficient in terms of energy and water consumption for washing cottons.

Cotton Pro

Suitable for cotton, linen and mixed fibre garments, e.g. T-shirts, underwear, table linen etc.


Suitable for shirts and blouses.


Suitable for denim fabrics like skirts, trousers, shirts, jackets etc. Tip: turn the garments inside out before washing.

Easy-Care: (40 °C)

Suitable for textiles made of synthetic materials or blended fabrics.


Suitable for textiles made of synthetic materials or blended fabrics, silk and other delicate fabrics.


This programme is designed for quickly processing lightly soiled items which can be washed in a cottons programmes.


Suitable for machine and hand-washable wool or wool blended garments.

Intensive wash (90°C)

Textiles made of cotton or linen such as bed linen, towels, and napkins.

Dark garments (60 °C)

Suitable for dark garments made from cotton or mixed fibres such as t-shirts and trousers. Tip: Turn the garment inside out before washing.


The washing machine should not be fully packed with clothes. You should be able to get your fist in the drum and turn your thumb up (thumbs up sign).

Drying programmes:

Duvet/ down (2 kg)

Suitable for one duvet or pillow made of down. Tip: Down is a natural product and hence produces odors upon heating. Duvets and pillows must be hanged out to dry after using a tumbledryer.

Cottons (8 kg)

Extra dry. Suitable for cotton items such as T-shirts, underwear, towels, bed linen etc.

Cottons pro (8 kg)

Normal dry+. Suitable for minimum iron items made of cotton, synthetic or mixed fibre, e.g. tops, blouses, skirts and table cloths.

Dark garments (8 kg)

Extra dry. Suitable for dark fabrics made of cotton.

Express (4 kg)

Fabrics which can tolerate high temperatures and which can be dried using the Cottons programme.

Delicates (4 kg)

Suitable for synthetic, mixed fibre and easy care cotton items. Note that if your are drying shirts and blouses it’s a 2 kg limit. Otherwise the garments will not be completely dry.

Jeans (3,5 kg)

Suitable for jackets, skirts, trousers and shirts made out of denim fabric.

Warm air (8 kg)

Suitable for drying or airing individual items like jackets, sleepingbags and pillows.

Wool (2 kg)

Woollens and wool blends tend to become matted and shrink if dried in a tumble dryer. This programme leaves the garments partially dried. Remove garments when done, and leave to finish drying at room temperature.

Easy-Care (4 kg)

Suitable for working clothes, sweathers, dresses, troursers, table cloths, stockings etc.

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